As with all cases handled by Atty. Kimler, incorporating your business is largely transactional. Atty. Kimler holds his license to practice in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. His experience and expertise in the tri-state area guarantees his clients receive the best service and a promptly closed case.

Attorney Kimler’s experience in business and law ensures excellent service when it comes to your business corporation case. Kimler Law’s business corporation services include:

Completing all necessary paperwork

Obtaining EIN

Corporate binder


Advising clients on all legal business matters

Choosing Atty. Kimler guarantees a swiftly closed case and expert advice on the legal obligations of businesses from an attorney who personally knows the field legally and as a business owner. Atty. Kimler’s dual experience offers you highly knowledgeable counsel when it comes to your business. With the Law Offices of Christopher R. Kimler, P.C., you will not be left in the dark of Pennsylvania’s various bylaws and regulations for corporations or businesses. When you choose Atty. Kimler to handle your case, you are choosing an attorney with expansive experience with business corporation law and a business owner who shares the same experience as you. Atty. Kimler is on your side, every step of the way.