Commercial real estate is riddled with complexities, so you need a lawyer with the expertise and care to close your case. The Law Offices of Christopher R. Kimler, P.C. are fully equipped to handle your commercial real estate case with experience in both the legal and commercial worlds. With offices in Milford and Hawley, Pennsylvania, Atty. Kimler can take clients from across Northeast Pennsylvania.

Atty. Kimler provides support and advising on all levels of your commercial real estate case, including:

Buying vs. leasing real estate

Consent to sublease

Property valuation

Contract and business laws

Assigning commercial leases

The Law Offices of Christopher R. Kimler, P.C. takes commercial cases across Northeast PA for both buyers and sellers of real estate. Atty. Kimler is a qualified real estate lawyer who has been working on real estate cases since 2004. He possesses the knowledge and expertise to offer top support for your commercial case.

With his experience practicing commercial real estate law and as a small business owner himself, Atty. Kimler has the skills to guide you through all commercial real estate cases big and small. Atty. Kimler offers advising through all stages of your case, ensuring the proceedings are completed quickly, efficiently, and with minimal hassle.

For more information on how the Law Offices of Christopher R. Kimler, P.C. can serve your commercial real estate needs, contact our Northeast PA office in Milford.