When it comes to probate cases, Atty. Kimler provides his legal support and advice from the first meeting to closing. Atty. Kimler meets with clients across NEPA at the offices’ Milford and Hawley locations. He will guide you through the complexities, technicalities, and practice of probate administration to ensure your case is handled with top care.

Atty. Kimler always accompanies the client to the register of wills and present a petition for probate. For probate administration, court appearances are rarely required. Once the petition is submitted for probate, the process takes 15-20 minutes.

After the estate is administered, the firm assists with all following procedures, such as:

Manage inheriting the estate



The services and advising provided by the Law Offices of Christopher R. Kimler aim to take close your case swiftly with minimal complications. Atty. Kimler’s expansive experience with probate administration ensures your case will be closed promptly with full support from Atty. Kimler.